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We’re here to exceed your HVAC service expectations

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“We have seen a significant decrease in repairs and service calls (approximately $18,000.00 to $21,000.00 per year) because of the regular preventative maintenance.”

– Brad Thompson, Maintenance Supervisor


“Working with Welldone is the best decision we have made in years. Your service has been first class! We had major comfort issues in the building before we started the preventative maintenance program and we haven’t had a single complain from our tenants for over a year! Keep up the exceptional work!”

– Lyle Spencer/Bob Walker, Board Members


“Our equipment is running well and most emergency repairs have been eliminated since starting preventative maintenance. We used to have on- going problems with our air conditioning, resulting in water dripping thru ceiling tiles and now we have none.”

– Dan McGillis, Plant Manager


“In 2017, it is incredibly rare to have a business model like Welldone Mechanical Services. It is increasingly rare and increasingly valuable because they recognize that people matter and that backing up their work matters.”

– Glen Grismer, Executive Director